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Surgical Gown Linen Half Protection

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  • The operating room boxing shirt has raglan sleeves.
  • Collar and waist can be connected with laces.
  • Wrist parts are aesthetic knitted ribs and the whole shirt is made of the same fabric.
  • The laces are secured with zigzag suture.
  • The front and arms are half covered with a liquid-proof 134C autoclave-resistant protective fabric.

Linen Fabric Technical Specifications:

  • The fabric is 100% cotton plain weave.
  • The fabric is Indantren dyeing.
  • It is not directly affected by bleach.
  • Fabric weaving density minimum weft 20
  • Fabric weaving density minimum warp 42
  • The sewing thread used is the same tone as the fabric, robust and high quality.


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